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  • Commercial and industrial
    • Barbed wire handler's gloves
    • Chainsaw gloves
    • Fireman's gauntlets
    • Disposable gloves
    • Medical gloves
    • Welder's gloves
    • Aircrew gloves: fire resistant
    • Sandblasting gloves
    • Gardening gloves
    • Impact gloves
  • Sport and recreational
    • American football various position gloves
    • Archer's glove
    • Baseball glove or catcher's mitt: in baseball, the players in the field wear gloves to help them to catch the ball and prevent injury to their hands.
    • Billiards glove
    • Boxing gloves: a specialized padded mitten
    • Cricket gloves
    • The wicket keeper wears large webbed gloves.
    • The batsmen wear gloves with heavy padding on the back, to protect the fingers in case ofbeing struck with the ball.
    • Cycling gloves
    • Driving gloves - often leather to improve grip on the steering wheel.
    • Eating glove
    • Football - Goalkeeper glove
    • fencing glove
    • Falconry glove
    • Gardening glove
    • Golf glove
    • Ice hockey mitt
    • Riding gloves
    • Lacrosse gloves
    • Kendo Kote
    • Paintball Glove
    • Motorcycling gloves
    • Scuba diving gloves :
      • cotton gloves; good abrasion but no thermal protection
      • wet gloves; made of neoprene and allowing water entry
      • dry gloves; made of rubber with a latex wrist seal to prevent water entry
    • Weightlifting gloves
    • Wired glove
      • Power Glove - an alternate controller for use with the Nintendo Entertainment System
    • Oven gloves - or Oven mitts, are used when cooking
    • Washing glove: a tool for washing the body (one's own, or of a child, a patient, a lover).
    • Wheelchair gloves - for users of manual Wheelchairs


We have a complete manufacturing unit comprises of different section, 30 Circular Knitting Machines of different gauges and diameters in KNITTING UNIT 2 Hydraulic Travelling head cutting press in CUTTING UNIT 100 Chain Lock Stitching Machines in STITCHING UNIT. All gloves are being individually checked by quality control department before ironing and packing. All the Sections are being run by fully qualified people, Export Marketing and Management is being controlled by the technically experienced / educated and widely travelled people. .

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