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Contrary to popular belief, mittens are not actually gloves. They are actually a cloth covering that separates the thumb from the other four fingers. They are mostly woolly, and many of them have different colors and designs.

Not much is known about the origin of Mittens. However, one account has it that Mittens were invented by George Washington during his winter encampment at Valley Forge 1777-1778. When his troops complained of cold hands, he gave an order to use what little cloth his army had by making a " a standard glove, which, when made without fingers, shall cover the entire hand." The mittens were made quickly, and sustained the continental army throughout the rest of the winter. Recently, a pair of mittens from the Valley Forge Campaign was sold at auction for just under $55,000.


We have a complete manufacturing unit comprises of different section, 30 Circular Knitting Machines of different gauges and diameters in KNITTING UNIT 2 Hydraulic Travelling head cutting press in CUTTING UNIT 100 Chain Lock Stitching Machines in STITCHING UNIT. All gloves are being individually checked by quality control department before ironing and packing. All the Sections are being run by fully qualified people, Export Marketing and Management is being controlled by the technically experienced / educated and widely travelled people. .

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