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The safety gloves
Glove sizes in accordance
with EN 420
 6  7  8  9  10 11
Measurements in mm
Glove length 220 230 240 250 260 270
Hand diameter (A) 152 178 203 229 254 279
Hand length (B) 160 171 182 192 204 215

Safety gloves can be divided into three different categories:

1. Minimal risks - Personal protection equipment (PPE) for minor safety requirements where the user is assumed to be capable of evaluating the impact of the risks, e. g. temperatures up to 50 °C or gardening

2. Medium risks - PPE that does not fall into categories 1 or 3, e.g. mechanical risks.

3. Complex protection - PPE for protection against lethal dangers or serious and irreversible injury, e.g. protection against chemicals. The European Directive 89/686/EEC specifies the fundamental requirements for PPE. Norms for safety gloves were devised for these different requirements.





We have a complete manufacturing unit comprises of different section, 30 Circular Knitting Machines of different gauges and diameters in KNITTING UNIT 2 Hydraulic Travelling head cutting press in CUTTING UNIT 100 Chain Lock Stitching Machines in STITCHING UNIT. All gloves are being individually checked by quality control department before ironing and packing. All the Sections are being run by fully qualified people, Export Marketing and Management is being controlled by the technically experienced / educated and widely travelled people. .

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